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Judy T. Archer is working on a memoir that integrates her paining and assemblages. She is a Certified TRE Provider. She teaches Tension Releasing Exercises in Toronto, Ontario and other Canadian cities. She holds an MASc. in Human Relations and Counselling. Her website can be found at

Johanna Baker-Dowdell is the author of Business & Baby on Board, a journalist, PR consultant, blogger and PhD candidate. She built a business from her freelance work and ability to develop relationships and tell a great story and launched Strawberry Communications ( in 2007.  She is also studying a PhD in journalism with the University of Tasmania, investigating how social media texts are used by newspapers as news sources in reporting crisis events.

Monica Batiste (  As an artist, author and yoga teacher, I am passionate about education, emotional intelligence and living an authentic life.  My children’s books are about bringing joy and inviting personal development.  All of my stories have happy endings, because that’s what I believe we all deserve.

Jodi Bernholtz has published articles in the Edmonton Journal, The Jewish Tribune and The Womens’ Post, just to name a few.  She is currently at work on her first novel.  Jodi lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband of twenty four years and her two children.

Ewa D Bialek is a lifelong scientist in the field of medicine; she also studied psychosynthesis and established the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Warsaw, Poland; Consultant, mentor and coach for Personal Wellbeing and Transformational Life Coach (, author of 27 books; passionate to help people to solve their health and life problems.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D., is a retired scientist, now writing and editing [].  His own memoir, TING AND I, and memoirs he co-authored, THE SHIELD OF GOLD and KIDNAPPED TWICE, are available at, as are two books he edited, HIGH SHOES AND BLOOMERS and BUT…AT WHAT COST?  

Lisa and Ren Cox live in Queensland, Australia.  When they’re not planning their next overseas adventure, Lisa is writing and speaking about health and wellness.  Ren works in the corporate sector and dreams of the day New Zealand will be good enough to have a team in the (soccer) World Cup.  Not that it would matter because the Australian Socceroos would still beat them.

Maree Crosbie ( has over 18 years’ experience as a Life Coach and Financial Counsellor and has worked with a wide variety of clients.  Maree loves coaching and sees it as an opportunity for people to make the very best of their lives.  It is an honour to share in people’s growing confidence in themselves.  Maree is also the author of the book ‘96 Tips for Turning a Healthy Relationship into the Perfect Relationship’.

Chris Dell is also the author of Black Notley Blues, a personal testimony detailing his life as a mischievous teenage patient in a UK tuberculosis hospital in 1958/59 taken from his daily diary entries, complete with over 100 photographs taken at the time.  More details can be found on

Frank Fazio ( is one of Australia’s finest up and coming young actors.  Frank was one of the Top 20 finalists in the Hollywood Immersive acting competition, from over 5000 applicants.  He was also nominated for ´Best Actor´ at the Western Australian Screen Awards for his role in the award winning historic drama ‘Restare Uniti’.  After completing his BA at the Hayman Theatre in Perth, Frank made his move to Melbourne to continue pursuing his acting career.

Cellina Gylling is the Founder and Owner of the company Gylling For Universal and she has established her own school, namely ‘SHU’.  She works as a coach, mentor and teacher with a focus on human resources working with both private and public institutions in Denmark and abroad.  She has developed wisdom models and systems that focus on raising awareness and personal growth and spiritually.

Ana Hall, through her website provides information about harmful ingredients found in everyday products and foods.  It is her passion to keep people informed so that they can make safe and healthy choices for themselves and their families.  Ana also writes a more personal blog on about life and everyday issues we all experience.  As a mother of five she is never short of material.

Former actress and theater director Christina Hamlett is an award-winning author whose credits to date include 30 books, 155 stage plays, 5 optioned feature films, and squillions of articles and interviews that appear online and in trade publications throughout the world.  She is also a script consultant for the film business (which means she stops a lot of really bad movies from coming to theatres near you) and a professional ghostwriter (which does not mean she talks to dead people).  Learn more at

JE James: artist, poet, publisher, writer, print and eBooks at–12 titles in total (  Study:  TAFE SA: Diploma certificates editing, publication and professional writing, children’s stories and short stories.  Poetry and painting:  a gift; a joy to herself and others.

Dylan Jones is an abseiling and canyoning adventure guide in the Blue Mountains, Australia.  He is happily married to Ruth and enjoys spending time in the bush with his daughter Eden.  Once described as a hopeless romantic, he asserts that he is anything but hopeless.

Connie Kerbs, (, with her husband of 27 years, are the grateful parents of three biological–and 13 adopted children.  They fostered dozens of other children over their 20+ years of foster parenting.  Connie writes and advocates for educational, family and child-welfare issues at the local, state and national levels.

Mary Law Meinelt eats life by the fists full.  She a dedicated writer working on her memoir, an actress and member of all unions.  She has a BA and MFA in theater, paints in her spare time and is still inventing herself.

Mindy Littman Holland is a writer, photographer and artist living in Santa Fe, NM.  Her publications include Wait Until You’re Fifty: A Woman’s Journey Into Midlife (nonfiction); The Rebirth of Gershon Polokov (fiction); and three picture books: The Skies of Santa Fe (photography); The World From My Window (photography); and Mindy’s Mind (pen & ink drawings).  She also writes a monthly blog.  For more information, visit

Emmajane Love (EJ) is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Speaker and Author.  She is the founder of Love Angels Global, a company dedicated to empowering women globally to embrace their inner beauty.  EJ gives back to the community by spreading her message through many charity events and projects and as the Ambassador for Sustainable Beauty.

Ocean Malandra is a travel writer and journalist from San Francisco, CA. His work has appeared in a wide variety of websites and print publications including USA Today, International Living Magazine, Alternet, Global Views, Viva Travel Guides and the Digital Journal. He is currently working on a book based on his adventures in Latin America.

Jenni Markham is an artist/illustrator, romanticist, lover of positive and spiritual quotes, and believer in the powers of the Universe.  Her website is at

Carol McKibben was a magazine publisher for 20+ years.  She has published Luke’s TaleRiding Through It and Snow Blood Season 1.  Carol writes from the heart of a dog’s eyes.  Her books help support her rescue efforts and focus on unconditional love.  Go to or email

My name is Melanie Miera and I am a single mother to four incredible children.  That in itself says volumes; my children are the motivating factor in my life that led to the creation of Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic (  I am an artist and writer; they are my passions.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to share my work with others.

Cesar Moran-Cahusac has a MEM from the Yale School of Forestry, as an avid conservationist he has implemented a vast array of projects, i.e. organic gardening program, a debt-for-nature swap in Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, to the world’s first conservation concession.  He loves writing poetry and is the author of two poetry anthologies.

Jane Nguyen is an Author, Speaker & Relationship Expert from Honeymoon Forever.  She is passionate about empowering strong women to overcome many relationship challenges and to succeed in love.  She recently released her new book ‘Honeymoon Forever – Love & Passion That Lasts A Lifetime’ where she shares the proven 12-step system to a ‘Happily Ever After’.

Leanne O’Neill, The Barefoot Medium, is a gifted natural Medium, Love Alchemist and Author who channels loving messages from spirit to guide, inspire, empower and connect people to loved ones passed.  She also helps people shift blockages, open up to more love and intimacy, as well as attract their soul mate.

Eileen Obser has taught creative writing in New York for over 20 years, and is a graduate of the MFA program at Stony Brook Southampton.  She has published in the Sunday magazines of The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday, among many other newspapers and magazines.  Her memoir, Only You, was published by Oak Tree Press in 2014.

Chris Owen brings 40 years of her own marriage to Marriage Mentoring.  Midwifery, Infertility Nursing, and then Counselling gave powerful insights into marriages under pressure.  Now at Pink Apple (, she guides couples to love well and build intimacy through effective communication, fighting fair, using love languages, romancing and having fun.

Laura Piacentini is married, and enjoys being a homemaker, currently residing on Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusetts. In her free time she enjoys working on crafts such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, and making quilts. She has 7 years’ experience as a substance abuse counsellor and enjoyed working with the clients and helping them work on their parenting skills, enabling them to reach their goals for a brighter future.

Ali Rae’s short stories and poetry have been published in anthologies and magazines.  She is writing a nonfiction book,Anonymity: The Search for Self and constructing a website. Ali Rae attained a BA in English from UVA.  She lives in Northern California with her family.

Paula Roscoe:  I am woman, a goddess in my forties, married to Martin and together we have a beautiful daughter who has Autism. Our darling son died at birth. My children taught me to enjoy life, never merely exist, so people describe me as mad, bad, strong and resilient!  She is also the author ( of award-winning novels ‘Echoes’ and ‘Freya’s Child’ and forthcoming novels ‘Where Rivers Meet’ and ‘In-between Worlds’ (2015).

Maryanne Sea currently lives in a small fishing village in southern Portugal.  She is a ‘healing intuitive’ and works with people all the over the world.  She has taught ‘Intuition in Healing’ in many Australian universities as well as several hospitals.  She loves helping animals in need and trusts that her love for them is altering their lives!

Seana Spear is an aspiring South African poet and author, endlessly fascinated by words and their ability to transcend time, place and even reason.  She believes all words are beautiful and daily introduces them to each other, inviting them to dance on her page in choreographed courtship.  Born in Zambia and educated in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Seana has a particular interest in writing about the human condition and its interpretation of life-changing events, joyous or devastating.  She also enjoys writing for children.

Zoe Tucker writes, ghostwrites, and edits essays, human-interest pieces, websites, blogs and books on a wide variety of topics, ensuring that if she doesn’t already have ADD, she will soon.

Michelle Tupy ( is a content writer who quite happily spends most of her time behind the scenes writing blog posts, Facebook commentary and e-books on behalf of busy managers. She is currently working on her second book entitled ‘And Off We Went’ ( about her family’s travels around South America.

Mary Waters loves to create characters who populate and inspire her short stories and novels. Her writing has won several competitions, e.g. Bloomsbury Short Sentence Crime competition 2012 and has been published in magazines, e.g. Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. She lives in Wiltshire with her husband, George.


Contributing authors include Greg Grano, Dave Seminara, Carly Chichester, Witt and Jen Sparks, Bruce Ballister, Debbie McClure, Christie Ogden-Kristoff, Lee Larossa, Claire Heath, Bernadette Pizzey, Amie Smothers, Ana Goncalves, Ryan Ray and Kaitlyn Murray.