Love Alters


Love alters us all, for better or for worse.

Love Alters is a celebration of love, connection and relationships. In this compilation of short stories, over 30 authors have opened their hearts and shared their stories of love—heart-warming, amusing, raw, and touching. Some stories whisper of young love, others of soul mates; many are full of unabashed joy while others caress regret and despair. All are different, and all are very, very real. Of course, not all love stories have happy endings, and often love occurs when we have given up all hope of finding it. And while many of today’s love stories don’t have the chance the flourish because of life’s circumstances or missteps; they still remain beautiful, something to be cherished when life’s darkness is banging on our doorstep. Love is indeed very precious, very remarkable and very much alive in today’s world.

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