“I love reading and I loved reading this book. It is all about love, love in it’s different forms – happy endings, sad ending, inspiring and so enjoyable. Real people, sharing their real love with us. Tears, laughs and smiles. Loved it!’ – Jacqui

‘I’ve been curling up with Love Alters and reading a couple of stories every night. It makes you reflect on your own experiences, and through the contrasting stories in the books, makes you really consider… what is love. Can highly recommend this book for both a trip into the memory banks and a thoughtful reflection on life, miracles and vulnerability. Beautifully collated, you won’t regret grabbing this and digging into it frequently.” – Tina

“Love Alters really resonated to my own journey and gives so many different insights into relationships. So heartfelt and touching I would recommend to anyone!!” – Emmajane

“Looking for romance? This is a book of love stories as diverse as life itself. There are sensual, sultry poems mixed with love stories so ordinary and told by every-day people that – yes, it could so easily happen for you. There are stories of love potions that bind lovers together whether they like it or not, there is love found after the disappointments of life, abuse, or illness. There is the love of family, the love of romance, and the love of love. It is so refreshing to see these beautiful stories told by real people. This is real life – for me the greatest beauty is in the honesty, the reality and the truth of real love.” – Lisa

“I was attracted to this wonderful book by its stunning cover and, as an unashamed romantic, by the title. I took it away on holiday with me and was able to dip in and out of the book, as each of the stories are short but engaging. Many of them took me back to those heady, carefree days of youth, when romance would occupy your mind 24/7, before the other stresses of life got in the way, but all of the stories moved me one way or another. A personal favourite was ‘To Hallen And Back’, by Chris Dell, a true story of unrequited love but with an unexpected ending. Highly recommended as a read for anyone, but particularly for those wishing to reignite memories of long-lost loves or to rekindle their latent romantic side. Touching and powerful.” – Katy

“Heartwarming stories of ordinary people and the many faces of love in people’s lives – romantic, familial and what CS Lewis called Agape in his book The Four Loves, Insightful into some very personal life journeys, some love stories don’t always have expected ‘happy’ endings but the gifts bestowed upon the lover and the loved by the benificence of love is celebrated. Highly recommended.” – Alison


“Anything that Michelle Tupy does is always going to be wonderful and An Unexpected Kindness is no exception. I loved the many different stories and ideas on kindness and the hope that the world really is a great place. It shows that there is definitely more kindness in the world than selfishness. Gets you to think ‘what can I do today for someone else’ that will make their day/life just that little bit nicer? Lovely, easy to read short stories from a whole raft a different and amazing people. A feel good read indeed!” – Jacqui

“Following on from Michelle Tupy’s Love Alters, released in 2015, this anthology of stories delves into unexpected kindnesses described by ordinary people in their daily lives. Another uplifting and thought-provoking read. Highly recommended.” – Alison